Barbaroslar episode 6 with urdu and english subtitles

Barbaroslar episode 5 review

In Barbaroslar episode 5, Jaffar sneaks into Urooj Baba’s ship with the devil’s plan to destroy the ship. But he catches up with red-handed. On the other side, Hizar, Ishaq Agha (brothers of Urooj baba) traveled from Medili to Iskandriya, on a mission where they encountered Redko, sent by Pietro, to kill Hizar and take the book which is the most important thing in this series so far.

In Barbaroslar episode 5, Pietro makes Posiden under his control and gave him his best men to fight and kill Urooj Baba. Some Posiden army attack on the Urooj Baba’s ship and some on the nearby village on the coastal area. Urooj baba kill all the men except one who told him that we are going to destroy and burn the whole village. Then Urooj Baba change the plan and go to the village to save the common people and their village in which he succeeded.

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There is a new female character in Barbaroslar episode 5 called Easter. Hizar has to find her for an important mission. When they interacted, a fight took place and she run away. Later, in the end, Hizar explains to her that they are working for the same purpose and told her about he is a friend of Master Sulaiman.

Barbaroslar season 1 episode 6 with urdu subtitle

Barbaroslar episode 6 with urdu subtitle

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Barbaroslar season 1 episode 6 with english subtitle

Barbaroslar episode 6 with english subtitle

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In the previous episode, Salvayo prisoned her daughter Isabel. She continues to eavesdrop on her father where she listened that they are going to attack Urooj Baba’s house to kill his brothers and his family. She escaped and told Urooj Baba’s family to run from the attack. Hizar and Niko kill all the attackers. All go to the Zeynep to live there. In the end, Isabel’s father with some of his men attack the house where they were hiding.

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